If you want it done right, you want Wasson – nursery services, patio and outdoor kitchen design, groundskeeping and lawn care.

Donna Smith

“The landscaping flows through my yard. It’s all uniform. It’s all to the exact size that it needed to be and it was very well planned. I don’t think you can find another company that will give you the quality of work that Wasson will, she says. Wasson has elevated my yard to this Better Homes and Garden showplace level.” -Donna Smith

Adrienne Jones

Adrienne Jones knows flowers and shrubs. After all, she’s a master gardener. That’s why she comes to Wasson. She knows she’ll find the healthiest possible plants, grown by people who know how to water, prune and make sure the plants will be their best, in the greenhouse and in her yard. Says Adrienne, You can pick up a pot, come right home and plant it yourself.”

Vicky Shockley

“It’s the most elegant, beautiful thing I’ve ever seen, says Vicky. It’s like adding a whole other room to my house. You walk out onto a very ample brick patio that has a fire pit and room for a table and lots of people. It’s right in the center of these beautiful woods. When you’re out there, you just hear all of nature. They were super to work with. They were beyond nice with the extra time, hand holding and answering questions, says Vicky. It was a wonderful experience and I’m so happy that I did it. I love my home even more now.

Lisa Scroggins

“The Wasson work crews were terrific. They were always courteous, conscientious and cleaned up after themselves. They worked with such speed, I was just amazed at how much they could get done in a short period of time, she says. They listened to the concept of what I wanted. They really heard what I was saying then put together a proposal that exceeded even what I thought I wanted. Wasson has elevated my yard to this Better Homes and Garden showplace level.”

Holly Miller

“I’ve never seen people work with such precision. It was amazing to watch how meticulous they were when building our patio. You hire the best people you can possibly afford and then you get out of their way and let them do what they’re so skilled at doing. Even though they invited our input every step of the way, their suggestions were right on. We ended up with something far superior to what we had originally thought.

Roger Lavery

“Wasson is really professional. They look at my place and see not just what I need right now, but what I may want to do to better prepare my property for the long haul. That’s invaluable. You don’t get that from a lot of places. I can’t think of anyone within 150 miles that has as good a selection of plants, shrubs and trees as Wasson.”

Mary Wilhoite

Mary Wilhoite was so pleased with her Wasson-built patio she invited us back to landscape her front yard. The reason is obvious. She knew we’d be just as careful and meticulous with her flowerbeds as we were with the stones in her patio and fire pit. And that makes her happy, too. “You can trust Wasson. You can trust their judgment and you can definitely trust the quality of their work.”

Jeff Lang

“Wasson has good people to work with, very trustworthy, very polite and do a really good job.  When I have friends that are considering similar projects, I always recommend Wasson. You’re going to be happy with what you get when it’s done. I recommended Wasson to my boss. So that kinda says it right there”.

David Gilliam

They take excellent care of me and they take excellent care of my properties, says David. When I ask Wasson to do it, I don’t have to worry about it. It’s going to be done. People are always complementing me on my landscape design and how good my properties look, but Wasson is who’s really taking care of it. They’re the ones that have put it all in place. They’re also the ones that maintain it along the way, whether it’s trimming my shrubs and plants or mowing my yards, he adds. They’re the only people I would call.

Melanie Fancher

I think they enjoy what they do and I think that makes a difference. You can tell people that like their job. The guys that put down the patio had great ideas, she continues. One thing we appreciated is they would never say, no, we can’t do that. That’s not their philosophy. We liked everything. It just kind of all came together and when it was finished, it was more than we really expected it to be. It’s been two years and we still have friends that stop by and say, I want to see your new patio.



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