Soil & Stone

Organic Compost

Natural compost made from landscape waste such as leaves and trees. Great addition to raw soil.

$49.95 per yard

Processed Top Soil

Brown top soil. Pulverized and rock-free. Use this for establishing new beds, lawns, or foundations.

$49.95 per yard

Landscape Blend Topsoil

A 50/50 of Processed Top Soil and peat moss. This is an ideal mixture for installing new landscape beds or gardens.

$49.95 per yard

Peat Moss

A rich, black garden dirt. Excellent for mixing into a garden or landscape bed. Moist and sponge-like texture.

$49.95 per yard

Decorative Stone & Construction Stone

Haydite Stone – Decorative

Porous rock material. Similar to lava rock. Actually hydraulic compressed brick chips.

$110.00 per yard

Washed gravel – Decorative

Multi-colored river rock. Pieces ranging from 1″-2″. Good for drainage.

$48.00 per yard

Meramec – Decorative

Meramec – Decorative

Decorative orange/brown rock. 3/4″ – 1.5″

$197.00 per yard

Crushed 53’s – Construction

Large, crushed limestone with dust. Good for foundations of patios.

$45.00 per yard

#9 Gravel Top Dress

Small, crushed limestone. About 3/4″ without dust. Perfect for topping a driveway or parking lot.

$45.00 per yard


Brown sand. Lots of uses. Not good when your golf balls land here.

$39.00 per yard

Dusty #11

Small, crushed limestone with dust. This is the best base for patios and pavers. Use at least 6-8″ base when installing pavers.

$60.00 per yard



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