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Spend more time enjoying your property and less time maintaining it with Wasson Nursery’s Personal Groundskeeping Program. Our Personal Groundskeeping Program is an custom plan created for your business or home. Choose any combo of our maintenance packages, annual flower program options, and tree, shrub and lawn services to create the perfect plan for your property.

Build Your Plan

Hand pick exactly what you want from each of our categories, then add up your selections to create your unique Personalized Groundkeeping Program.

Choose your maintenance options & set your schedule
Create your custom seasonal annual flower program
Choose your tree & shrub maintenance options
Review your lawn health & choose your treatments
Choose Your Mowing, Trimming, & Cleanup Plans
Hand pick from our additional features

Choose Your Maintenance Options

Routine Visits

We keep your yard looking fresh year round with our Personal Groundskeeping Program. With weekly watering and weeding visits we ensure that your yard will stay healthy and beautiful.

Early Spring Visit

Get a jump start on the season with a total cleanup of landscape beds, proper pruning, weeding, and perennial plant cleanup. This visit is popular with wooded properties which are often messy from winter leaf litter.

Spring Visit

This important visit includes a total cleanup of all landscape beds, perennial plant cleanup, spade edging all beds and tree rings, applying pre-emergent weed control and properly mulching landscape beds.

Summer Visit

We welcome the summer by getting your yard in tip-top shape. This visit consists of pruning, trimming & weeding, as well as, perennial and annual flower maintenance.

Fall Visit

Get ready for winter with a final touch-up of your landscape by our horticultural team. This involves pruning all plants as needed, weeding, perennial and annual flower maintenance, and leaf removal.

Holiday Visits

Let us help with the decorating this year. We bring holiday cheer to your home with fresh seasonal looks. We will work with you to bring your vision to life.

Seasonal Annual Flower Program

Let our staff add color to your landscape throughout the seasons.
We offer custom potting, watering, fertilizing and routine maintenance.

Summer Color

Start the season early with cold weather tolerant selections.

Spring Color

Start the season early with cold weather tolerant selections.

Fall Color

Start the season early with cold weather tolerant selections.

Winter Color

Start the season early with cold weather tolerant selections.

Trees & Shrubs

Custom 5-step insecticide, fungicide and deep root feeding program will help promote the health and vigor of your landscape investment. Optional services are available specifically for fruit trees and orchards. Pest-targeted treatments: Japanese beetles, Bagworm, Emerald Ash Borer (EAB), Spider Mites and Scale. Restore health and vigor of your trees and shrubs with dormant pruning.

Lawn Treatments

Personalized 5-step truf fertilization and weed control program. Other services include grub control, insect control, turf fungicides, lawn renovation, and core aeration. Other services available to improve lawn health. Free Lawn Health Analysis Available!

Mowing & Trimming

We offer weekly mowing visits which include mechanical edging of all concrete surfaces, string trimming of all bed edges and cleanup of all hard surfaces.

Additional Features

Lawn Installation & Renovation| Irrigation Service| Core Aeration| Perimeter Pest Control| Snow & Ice Management| Patio Cleaning & Sealing| Holiday Decorating (exterior)



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