Pond Care Guide

Follow our Wasson Pond Care Guide to keep your pond beautiful, clear and healthy.

The best way to keep your pond water clean is by cleaning the filters daily to weekly, depending on the size of your pond, location, and weather conditions. Also, follow the instructions on our two recommended products, “AlgaeFix and “Sludge Eater.”  If these do not provide the desired results, you may need additional filtration such as UV lights or a bead filter.

As you are enjoying your new pond this summer, keep these helpful tips in mind:

  • Introduce plants, they not only add beauty to a pond landscape, they add shade and help reduce algae growth.
  • Remove any dead or dying plant foliage, as well as any leaves that have fallen into your pond, this will help prevent algae bloom. When plants stop growing as the weather cools, cut them down and lower pot to bottom of pond.
  • Install a leaf net before leaves start to fall, this will save you time in the spring as you are preparing to open your pond.
  • If you have fish, you will want to get a floating de-icer to allow gas to escape during the winter months and an aerator to maintain oxygen in the water, to ensure their survival.

If you have any problems, please give us a call or stop in.  We have many products to help correct most common issues or would be more than happy to send one of our trained professionals to your site to help you. 



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