Care Guide: New Sod

Follow our Wasson Care Guide to keep your new sod looking it’s best

Please follow same timing recommendations for new seed.

Keep your new sod, down to the soil underneath, constantly moist for 2-3 weeks; this will help promote root growth. You can check this by gently lifting the corner or edge of the sod – It should be dripping wet.  If the sod is allowed to dry out, it will become difficult to wet properly again which may cause it to shrink and leave gaps between the pieces. Gaps caused by shrinkage may not fill back in.

Light walking across the new sod can begin after one week. Allow at least 1 month before heavier traffic on your new sod. Typically, after three weeks you can start a regular mowing cycle. For the first few cuts, mow the sod a little higher than usual until it becomes established. Begin a fertilizing regimen after six weeks. Continue fertilizing into late fall to promote further root establishment and to help prevent stress and weeds. Like any other plant, disease and pests can affect your sod! Please call us if you have any questions or concerns and we will be happy to send one of our trained lawn experts out (for free!) to diagnose and help solve any problems you might be having.



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