Care Guide: Outdoor Kitchens

Follow our Wasson Care Guide to keep your Outdoor Kitchen looking spectacular.

Water your plants when the top 2 inches of soil are dry. During hot summer days this will, likely, be every day.  Wind also dries out hanging baskets fairly quickly, even if the temperature doesn’t seem too high.

  • Fertilizing annuals is suggested at least once a week with a Miracle Grow type fertilizer.
  • Pinching off dead blooms just above a bud or leaf joint will promote additional growth and help your annuals thrive all summer.
  • Lightly shaping hanging baskets and pots will also promote the overall health of the plant and extend the season. Shaping means to cut blooms off back to buds or leaf joints or lightly sheering.
  • Wasson Nursery offers seasonal change-out of annuals every season. We’d love to help you keep your yard bursting with color all year long!



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