Natural materials and environmental considerations are heavily influencing outdoor living trends this year. At Wasson Nursery, we are proud to say that we are up to date.


Consumers are interested in “active play spaces” for their families and friends of all ages, such as bocce courts, regulation cornhole courts, dog and pet spaces, dining areas, fireplaces and hammocks; people don’t want places that they have to weed, they want places where they can relax and play.


Consumers are turning to pavers and low-maintenance grasses in their outdoor areas. Low-maintenance gardens with drought tolerant plants and less turf grass are on the rise. There are countless reasons to get a paver but some of the biggest are: they don’t fade or crack, they are easy to repair, the stones shift with seasons, they last a life time, and they are the green choice because they allow water to infiltrate the ground naturally. There are so many options that you can find one to perfectly fit your style, while increasing the value of your home and adding a great entertaining space!


Water features such as bubbling rocks, waterfalls, ponds and fountains have drastically increased in popularity over the past few years. These features are easy to maintain, they provide tranquility to a space and there are so many styles of water features that you can choose one to match your garden’s style. They are also easy to enhance with fish (koi is a great choice) and water plants, which are very affordable.


Shade features such as pergolas and arbors are booming in lawns across the country for both aesthetic and functional purposes. A pergola extends your living space, increasing the amount of time that you can spend outdoors. They also provide support for everything from chandeliers and ceiling fans to small speakers, strings of lights, even fabric. You’re only limited by your imagination.


Landscape lighting is increasing in popularity for numerous reasons. Many people are flocking to landscape lighting to add a level of safety and security to their home, others are adding lighting elements to provide ambiance or highlight key architectural or landscape features. Many homeowners utilizing landscape lighting are pushing for a green approach by using LED or solar powered lights.


Outdoor kitchens continue to rise in popularity, all the while becoming more complex. Smokers, pizza ovens, multiple cooking surfaces, refrigerators, sinks, ice machines, beer taps, fire pits, and outdoor heaters are some of the latest kitchen accessories being sought after by homeowners. In addition to technological aspects such as Integrated audio-visual equipment and Wi-Fi accessibility.


Today’s outdoor furniture features a variety of materials, such as wood, cast aluminum, wicker, and PVC in styles that rival their indoor counterparts. Buyers are moving away from the typical plastic or vinyl look that is regularly associated with outdoor furniture. Our furniture of choice is Berlin Gardens, which has some whopping benefits and environmental considerations such as: a 20 year guarantee, they do not fade, crack or mold, they are made from recycled milk jugs, and you can leave them outside year round. Berlin Gardens has a variety of styles, including indoor look-a-likes.


According to Garden Design magazine, “After years of minimalist dominance in hardscaping materials, furniture and decor, designers are noticing renewed interest in natural materials and less geometric style.” Rather than clean and modern, clients are asking for a more old-fashioned, DIY look in their gardens. Tactile materials like wood and stone are gaining popularity for the built elements of a garden.


The grow-it-yourself movement has boosted the popularity of vegetable, fruit and herb gardens. Not only do these gardens grow healthy food & herbs, but a garden also provides a relaxing hobby and a reason to get outdoors! Not to mention all of the money that you will save on your grocery bill. Starting a garden can be a scary process. We are here to assist you with all of your questions and concerns! Give us a call to speak to one of our master gardeners.


This trend, stemming from women’s fashion, is making it’s way into our landscapes. Color blocking is all about highlighting specific plants or areas. In absence of a wall, a solid color outdoor rug or porch curtains can be used to create the effect. In absence of a wall, we like to display this technique with bright Berlin Furniture cushions and colors, as well as our premium outdoor rugs.
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